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Www datingshake net

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If it's your sword or your child, you grab the child.' Other finds include copper alloy cavalry and horse fitments for saddles, junction straps and harnesses that are so well preserved, they still 'shine like gold', he says.

Pictured above, volunteer Sarah Baker, who discovered one of the swords The barracks were found when archaeologists lifted up a piece of concrete floor laid by the Romans about 30 years after the barrack was abandoned, shortly before 120AD Dr Andrew Birley, who heads the archaeological team, likens such a discovery to winning an 'archaeological lottery': 'What's exciting is this incredible range of artefacts and everyday items. There's a huge range of stuff - their hair combs, their pots, their wooden spoons, their bowls, their weapons, bits of armour, their cavalry bling. Material like wood, leather and textiles survived due to oxygen-free conditions created by that concrete layer. Archaeologists happened to lift up a piece of the concrete while exploring the foundations of the surviving stone fortress.

Excavating about 3.5 metres down, they found the earlier barracks' original timber walls and floors, fences, ovens and fireplaces.

Pictured above, a cavalry strap junction found at the site The barracks dates from AD105.

It lies beneath the 4th-century stone Roman fort of Vindolanda, south of Hadrian's Wall, at Hexham, Northumberland.

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Roman cavalry swords are extremely rare anywhere, but two were lying on the barracks floor.

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