Wpf listbox observablecollection not updating dating games with real people

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This property ensures that the selected item always correspond to the Current Item property in Item Collection.For example, I have two listbox and both are bound with same itemsource property.I added few data to that collection and set window’s Data Context property to Obserable Collection.I also set Is Synchronized With Current Item property to true.If I put a breakpoint at this location I can see that Level2Menu Items has the correct information stored in it.If I write a foreach loop and add them individually to the Level2Menu Items collection then it does display correctly.What we need is a list that notifies any destinations of changes to its content, and fortunately, WPF provides a type of list that will do just that.It's called Observable Collection, and you use it much like a regular List - that's all it takes!

My Object Class (Observable Object is just a base class that implements INotify Poperty Changed) For some reason this does not update the UI of the second listbox.There are two different scenarios that you may or may not want to handle when dealing with data source changes: Changes to the list of items and changes in the bound properties in each of the data objects.How to handle them may vary, depending on what you're doing and what you're looking to accomplish, but WPF comes with two very easy solutions that you can use: The Observable Collection and the INotify Property Changed interface.First I bound Item Source property in XAML than i set Display Member Path to First Name it means Listbox should display only values of First Name property available in Collection.In Code behind, i created one class called People and created one Observable Collection of People class.

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The following example will show you why we need these two things: Try running it for yourself and watch how even though you add something to the list or change the name of one of the users, nothing in the UI is updated.