Wix site not updating Free no registet sex chat

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Wix site not updating

How would you feel about checking out my site for me? I contacted WIX and they sent me the following:, i have done as they instructed. This only occurs if you have set your gallery images to open in a pop-up.

You may notice that some of your site’s URLs contain the word “lightbox”. The word “lightbox” is included in the URL when the image has been clicked and is in pop-up mode.

Keep straight in Wix and learn the best of its SEO´s boostings or using external developpers using my wix created websites.

see this site in which this rebuilding is on the discussion: cordeac7.wixsite.com/guilhermebachtold It´s not tuned or SEO-“wizarded” yet, jsut created. Edson Reply Wi X no longer has a problem with indexation, so I wouldn’t move to Word Press based on that.

I really didn’t touch on backlinks at all because a SEO discussion of backlinks is really independent of the technology you use to build your website.

As you suggest, that would spell big trouble for Wix sites. Clients do ask why they shouldn’t use it, because it’s so simple.

Otherwise, your changes will not appear on your live Wix website.

all the information and images are there it just needs to placed in the correct areas...

:0) Thank you for your article and I look forward to reading more of your writing. Like I was also contacted by Wi X’s marketing department to update my post to reflect the recent improvements Wi X has made to it’s platform.

I was hoping to get a response to the two issues (see updated post) from Wi X, but with your comment I realized it was time to update the post for 2017. Reply Hi Kathy Very good your texts, I´ll always visit it.

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I am on a quarell with clients and partners saying the obvious things about Wix, many internet providers are offering their services on creating the site for you in charge of hosting, offering email-services, chat and their principal argument is that their sites are created under wordpress which, according to them, as usual, is quite more indexable by search engines . My question is the following: does Wix Blog features help boosting SEO really or it´s only a fashionable feature that most of sites include.