Who is ian thorpe dating online dating vs real dating

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The 33-year-old Australian swimmer, who revealed that he is gay last year, has claimed that he wants to settle down.

Oh, and let’s not forget that working out is a healthy extracurricular activity, and we could all stand to lose a few pounds.

Know your Olympic facts And we don’t just mean what brand of swimwear Tom Daly is sporting these days.

As for whether being the famous Ian Thorpe is a “help or a hindrance” in dating, as put it, Thorpe quips, “I’ll use it as an excuse if I’m not doing well.” In terms or meeting guys, he eschews dating apps and websites in favor of a “more old-school” route of meeting “people in real life.” Thorpe had faced questions about his sexuality since he was 16 and publicly denied he was gay until last year.

Speaking about coming out, Thorpe says he would have done so earlier if he had realized what impact it could have on young LGBT athletes struggling with their sexuality: “I wish someone had explained that to me a lot earlier.

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As for the response he’s received in Australia since coming out, Thorpe says, “They [the public] wish me well, but it’s not important to them.

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