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W32time not updating

For domain-joined computers, they will pull the time from the domain controllers by default.

If somebody changes those settings though, all bets are off.

Through the process, I documented some commands and registry keys that help troubleshoot Windows time issues.

When you start talking about time on endpoints, so much of it is perception.

The only one difference is that you need to execute command prompt in elevated mode as administrator. Log on to the server directly or over Remote Desktop connection and run elevated command prompt from “Start” tile.

Move mouse cursor to the left bottom corner and wait until “Start” tile appears (Windows Server 2012) or do it directly on it (Windows Server 2012 R2).

You can restart Windows Time service from the command line with: Check the event logs for any errors with the Time sync process.This contains details for Windows Server 2008, but after tweaking the registry and trying to restart the service, it doesn't seem to work on Windows 7.Open and make sure the Windows Time service is set to automatic, not disabled. If the computer is on a domain, you could then follow the same advice for 2008, although if group policy is set, it would over-ride your settings the next time it updated.See Windows Time configuration: The next commands are not going to do a whole lot of good if the computer pulls from the wrong source but they will be helpful once we can update the source.Have Windows Time update its configuration: Other areas to check for Windows Time issues include Services, Event Log, firewall, and Registry.

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You can ask Windows for its Windows Time configuration.