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Updating system settings

To prevent Windows from sending any data to Microsoft, configure diagnostic data at the Security level, turn off Windows Defender diagnostic data and MSRT reporting, and turn off all of these connections.Use the following sections for more information about how to configure each setting.It is recommended that you restart a device after making configuration changes to it.

You can also create a new REG_DWORD registry setting named Prevent Device Metadata From Network in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Device Metadata and set it to 1 (one).We are always striving to improve our documentation and welcome your feedback. Here's a list of changes that were made to this article for Windows 10, version 1803: The following sections list the components that make network connections to Microsoft services by default.You can configure these settings to control the data that is sent to Microsoft.Control what information is shared with Bing in Search.If you enable this policy and set it to Anonymous info, usage information will be shared but not search history, Microsoft Account information, or specific location.

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If your organization tests network traffic, do not use a network proxy as Windows Firewall does not block proxy traffic. Based on your needs, there are many network traffic analyzers available at no cost.

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