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Updating sql 2016 name

The packages I upgraded with just plain SSIS stuff did not have that problem.The following warnings are given: and I will show you why.After upgrading, my builds started to take a lot of time (up to 4 minutes, I suspect an on-the-fly upgrade was being done).While investigating this, I found that in the project file all packages are also listed with a Package Format Version per package in it, which was still 6!For these examples, I’ll assume I have a Last Update column in my row containing this JSON object: Unlike JSON_VALUE, which requires a path expression, with JSON_QUERY you can omit the path expression to retrieve the entire contents of the column.The result, though, is the equivalent of just referencing the column.

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These two queries, for example, return identical results: JSON_QUERY doesn’t actually return a JSON object -- the function is only returning a string.

Using JSON_QUERY does, however, prevent the string representation of your JSON object from being escaped (that is, having backslashes inserted in front of each of your double quotes).

As AJAX becomes more prevalent, JSON is only going to become more important.

Armed with the tools I’ve discussed in this and previous columns, you can treat your JSON data as JSON data, even in your relational database.

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