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Updating computer clock

Or, if the computer is quite old and does not update automatically, consider installing a more up-to-date BIOS.Wrong time zone If your clock is set to the wrong time zone, you will find that, even after correcting the time, the clock will fall behind the next time you boot.

The frequently wrong time and date is often a symptom of a more serious problem.

Well, there are several reasons why your computer clock falls behind, which, as well as the fixes, we will discuss in this article. Every time you boot your computer it seems the time has fallen behind yet again.

And you have now finally had it and want to get this issue fixed.

Wrong or corrupted BIOS settings Even after replacing your CMOS battery the clock may still display the wrong time, especially on startup.

You may want to check if the CMOS chip is getting power from the battery. A quick fix will be to remove the battery and lift the negative power pin upwards a bit.

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This is thus not an adequate fix if your PC’s time is falling behind or slowing as a result of a dead CMOS battery.

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