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In Western countries the fraction is probably similar to the number in the US, 0.285% (just under ); in very poor urban areas it might climb as high as 2.5% of the female population (the highest guess on the map) but I’m unsure how many of those there might be.

In the 19 density of 2.85/thousand, which isn’t what their map shows.

But the rules apply only to official "registered" social events at fraternities (sororities are officially "dry").

Parties that are "unregistered" — events not recognized by the university or national chapter — are forbidden.

While Purdue University maintains strict regulations on registered parties at fraternities and sororities, those that go "unregistered" — like one last week where an alleged rape took place — often go unchecked by university officials.

The elaborate regulations governing alcohol consumption at parties hosted by Purdue University's fraternities fill five single-spaced pages of instructions, specifying multiple safeguards to try to ensure responsible drinking.

, underage, United Kingdom on February 15, 2012| 6 Comments » I really know nothing more criminal, more mean, and more ridiculous than lying.

Despite growing national scrutiny focused on incidents of alcohol misuse and sexual assaults on college campuses, Purdue officials say they are content to allow fraternities to continue monitoring themselves."We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that fraternities, sororities and cooperative housing — which currently number 92 chapters on our campus — have been a part of Purdue campus life for well over 100 years and provide members with valuable opportunities for scholarship and leadership," Beth Mc Cuskey, interim vice provost for student life, said in a statement in response to questions from the Journal & Courier.

It’s when they slap in that “75% between 13 and 25” that their statements enter the realm of fantasy.

Even if the average entry in developing countries were an incredible younger than in Western ones (i.e.

It has no data for most of the other countries, either; it just made the whole thing up.

Do you honestly believe China has the highest concentration of whores in the world?

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There are requirements to keep alcohol out of the hands of students younger than the legal drinking age of 21.