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When I was still in high school, a religious studies teacher presented a no-win hypothetical to the class.What if, he said, you were travelling on a hijacked bus?By voting for prohibition, he opened up the possibility that three years later the vote would be reversed and then they could have ‘trust control’ – local ownership. The media in recent weeks has been full of articles about the state of Middlemore Hospital.On one side of the argument, you have a new government claiming the state of the hospital as evidence of under-funding by its pre-decesssor.It is largely based on the fragmentary promises of Labour when it is was in opposition, and amounts to, to simplify, whether the government should borrow more. What Donald Trump meant by announcing that he wanted the US to rejoin the TPP left everyone a bit baffled.His withdrawal from the original deal was one of his first presidential announcements following an election campaign promise.

Some years ago, when universities were still relaxed places committed to teaching, a colleague of mine read a news item to his monetary economics class.According to the long-serving Newstalk ZB Political Editor, the fact that about one-fifth of MPs claim Māori descent is proof of this. The proposed Child Poverty Reduction Bill is potentially world leading.I've been writing professionally for almost five years now. However the mechanisms it proposes for the assessment and monitoring of poverty are primitive.Or, would that be a less-than-ideal politicisation of intelligence information? The Government is taking a lot of heat for not expelling any Russians.That seems like an odd thing to for people to get worked up about, but there you are.

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First they came for the charter school ‘teachers’, and I did not speak out ...

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