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She has been battling a terminal illness, and has been missing more and more work, as her health has recently declined drastically.

My manager added three more large accounts to my current caseload, but he wouldn’t remove my existing caseload.In fact, they’re legally required to pay it in the paycheck for the pay period when it was earned. S., “accruing” overtime hours isn’t actually legal (unless you’re exempt from overtime laws or working for the government). My school is pushing an online portfolio service My community college just sent out an email saying that they’d signed up for Portfolium.Here’s what they have to say about it: “Companies are using Portfolium to hire students and alumni that have their skills on display.She says I would be a perfect fit, they want to hire me for it, and that I should apply when it’s posted in two weeks. When she worked here, some staff threatened to quit if she became their supervisor.She has asked me to dinner soon so she can “give me intel” on the position. I know our personalities would clash in a manager-employee relationship.

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I’ve been known to have baseball on in the corner of my second screen in the summer, and even the manager freely admits that she’ll put a TV show on while she’s doing Excel grunt work or something like that. (If she weren’t in the meetings This is one of those things that’s annoying but doesn’t sound like it’s impacting your work, and it doesn’t on its own rise to the level of involving your manager.

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