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He’s the second-newest person on our team, maybe six or eight months now, and so far he seems to do okay but somewhat slow work on his projects.

He’s not mentally checked out in the meetings — like, he’ll respond to things that are said and make contributions — and we’ve always had the understanding on our team that you can, within reason, do whatever you want as long as your work gets done. Assuming that your manager is in these meetings too, she can see what’s going on (or at least can see that he’s very occupied by something on his computer) and can address it if she wants to.

Responding to my mom’s coworkers about her terminal illness My mother and I work for the same organization, but totally separate departments.

Our work occasionally intersects, and I do know all of her coworkers.

We used to work together, but she has since moved on to a different company.

I love the work, but I don’t love my current company.In fact, they’re legally required to pay it in the paycheck for the pay period when it was earned. S., “accruing” overtime hours isn’t actually legal (unless you’re exempt from overtime laws or working for the government). My school is pushing an online portfolio service My community college just sent out an email saying that they’d signed up for Portfolium.Here’s what they have to say about it: “Companies are using Portfolium to hire students and alumni that have their skills on display.I expect to work 10-15 hours of overtime every week in addition to my regular 40 hours a week, in order to achieve an average level of performance so that I can keep my job.If I am asked to sign a performance improvement plan this year (they have set me up to fail this job and some coworkers are hoping that I fail), I will not sign it.

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I value our friendship, and I know it would have to change if I was working for you.