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Her commentary was always sharp, and she was never afraid to share her thoughts.She was so beloved that she could make a mock pronunciation of Stephen's name wildly popular at the time, it made sense for the network to take advantage of the trend.As depicted on the show, Bosworth, annoyed that she and Conrad weren't invited to Christina's birthday, grilled the two relentlessly about their upcoming New York City trip and Christina's Broadway audition.But in real life, to Bosworth, it felt like nothing.“One of the most hurtful things they did was pressure Stephen to spend time with another girl from the show, Lauren, while he and I were dating.It certainly provided some juicy conflicts, but it also affected me deeply, I felt threatened,” she says.Guy #2 explains to Guy #1 what Burning Man is while slamming two shots of tequila in 90 seconds. If, like me, you spent the majority of your early teens watching MTV reality programmes wistfully, longing for a life in the sunny climes of the Orange County's Laguna Beach, then you'll have become quite attached to this pack.

Later I would find out they told him to go.” In the end, though, Cavallari says she doesn’t regret putting her teenage years in the spotlight and hopes to produce her own reality show one day.During that first season, Lauren "LC" Conrad and Kristin Cavallari were the dominant forces, two high school girls pitted against each other over a boy – the devious but dreamy Stephen Colletti.Yet to many fans, the girl they wanted to be most was neither of the leads. Throughout that first season, Bosworth acted as a mixture of sounding board for Conrad and an audience surrogate.“Filming a super-successful reality television show when you are just 17 can do a number on your conception of reality.Like many teenagers, I had no self-awareness and thought only about myself, and that was amplified by starring on , where I got professional accolades for being outspoken and wild,” she writes.

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"I look at myself and my friends and I realize just how far we’ve come."But Bosworth is "eternally grateful" for the experience, saying the words with a warm and knowing giggle coming in crystal clear from thousands of miles away.