Samoan dating culture problems with getting accurate dates from radiometric dating

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Samoan dating culture

Preparations before Marriage Preparations for marriage start from young.Like the Dobe Ju/'hoansi, much of the proceedings involved are based on pragmatic needs, and often the reason why objects are exchanged is due to their material functionabilty.The young couple will live in the main household and receives a bamboo pillow, a mosquito net, and a pile of mats for their bed to demarcate their space in the house.

Marriage marks the end of her youth and her ability to have fun and the start of taking on responsibilities.

As asserted previously, the exchange of these items is motivated by pragmatic concerns, such as ensuring a sufficient food store, food source, etc.

The larger cultural concern of sustaining life and pragmatism is reflected here, as it is of paramount importance that a man be able to upkeep his family after he gets married.

Girls have to master various techniques to weave a variety of mats and tapa (bark cloth), which will be their betrothal gifts.

The symbolic significance of these mats is to represent their virtuosity.

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Much of their childhood is also spent gaining skills to prepare their role as a wife, such as attaining proficiency to manage household chores.