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We consider things more and aren’t as reactive as men.” Where this starts to shift is in online dating, where there are a higher number of women than men.“In this context men begin to see themselves as a commodity and become a bit pickier – whereas women can find the opposite.” For greater success, Hemmings suggests looking at our dating ‘shopping list’ and working out whether we have too many items on there, or too few.You could argue that decisions are made even quicker than this.I've seen countless studies that show job interviewers make up their minds about you the second you enter the room. So while it may not be long enough to get past more than a few awkward exchanges, is 12 minutes actually adequate when it comes to making a solid assessment of a date’s potential?‘Oh sorry, you’re right,’ us singletons seethe (albeit inwardly).‘I'll make sure to hurriedly avail myself of the next walking chemistry-void who makes my skin actively crawl.’ Because being on your own is so much worse than dating someone with zero discernible charms, physical or otherwise.

“Don't shift from your non-negotiables but be open-minded about the rest,” she says.

The latest evidence that seeks to compound the single person’s fate as a lonely bed of their own making is the revelation – via insurance company Axa – that people take just 12 minutes to decide whether a date is successful.

According to their survey of 2,000 people, everything from your smile, level of eye contact and tone of voice contribute to a quick-fire verdict that will have you yay-ed or nay-ed before you finish your first drink.

Looking back at my not insubstantial paddles in the online dating pool, I’d have to say emphatically YES.

I might have liked the look of your picture, exchanged a number of amusing messages, and even a pre-date call to eliminate an intrinsically annoying personality or an unforgivable laugh.

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“Our first impressions are made within 60 seconds, when we assimilate a lot of information, from looks to clothing and body language,” she says.

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