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Petsmart managers dating associates

)Pros Working with dogs and puppies all day, saving lives through training dogs and their people to live like family members, seeing the light bulb go off when a dog learns a new cue and seeing the excitement of the pet parent, potential to earn $$ through commissions, potential to earn full time status with full benefits, benefits offered to part-time employees.

Cons Hourly rate low for expertise of talented pet trainers, inconsistency throughout stores as to trainer knowledge and the way they teach..though Pet Smart corporate wants consistency, dealing with difficult pet parents at times, having to work the register when not training, lack of consistency with management team support---varies store to store.

Pet Smart encourages furthering your knowledge and education about all departments.

I have learned a ton of information on pet care, nutrition, etc.

Cons Communication is poor from corporate and store level management.Some locations give fewer than 15 hours to non-management associates.Extreme opposite of "green:" stacks and stacks of thousands of stickers for price changes mailed to each Pet Smart location - or printed at each store. The processes implemented from corporate seem to have no basis in day to day operating knowledge - more like esoteric, dreamed up schemes from the glass offices at HQ.Management also liked to play favorites (especially since family members were often hired by one manager in particular…).Advice to Management Although many employees at this particular store were not interested in higher education, it would be helpful if management were more flexible with schedules. I enjoy watching the dogs and humans grow and create that bond they did not have before. Helping pet parents get educated about products is awesome Cons Many of my co workers should have been fired to due how they treat customers other co workers and animals.

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