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Online sex chat yahoo answers

However, these sites are criticized for precisely the same reason: anyone can post answers without a peer-review process, so the quality of specific answers varies drastically, ranging from excellent to abuse and spam (Su 2007).Despite widely-held concerns about the credibility of user-generated content on the Web, little is known about how people evaluate the credibility of answers given by laypeople in a social question and answer site.Over the past decade, researchers have increasingly recognized the importance of credibility judgments of Web information, which has fueled a burgeoning research area, Web credibility, and thus, a number of studies (for a comprehensive literature review, refer to Self 1996; Wathen and Burkell 2002; Metzger et al. Drawing on four years of research on Web credibility by Stanford's Persuasive Technology Lab, Fogg (2003) proposed prominence-interpretation theory, which posits that a person's credibility judgment involves two stages; first, a user notices elements of a Website (prominence) and makes a judgment about it (interpretation).If a specific element is not noticed, it cannot make any impact on the credibility judgment of the site.The popularity of social question and answer sites has grown rapidly over the last couple of years, and thus it seems timely to study users' credibility judgments in the environment.The investigation of real users having real questions for their everyday life tasks in such a site extends previous credibility research to a novel environment and thus presents a fuller picture of Web credibility.

The Web, by its nature, allows anyone to publish without regulations and it has raised concerns about the credibility of information found therein.

Answers is an online knowledge exchange community where users can ask and/or answer questions about virtually anything, as long as the subject matter does not violate the site’s community guidelines. 13 minutes ago Report Abuse Jane's New Avatar Categories Or let you down Never gonna turn around and hurt you : P 11 minutes ago All Categories Entertainment & Music microbopeep Strangerv " Celebrities 0 P Report Abuse Comics & Animation .

Since the site launch in 2006, the crowdsourced question-and-answer (Q&A) platform has become a popular target of online ridicule and trolling, due to the prevalence of poor grammar and inaccuracies in the user-generated content. Com Best Answer Chosen by Voters Telling your parents that you're gay. 100% 1 Vote 17811Report Abuse" class="" data-src=" height="100" src=" title="gay.jpg" width="165" / » Open Question After death question!?

Credibility on the Web Credibility is conceptualized as a multidimensional construct including believability, trust, reliability, accuracy, fairness, objectivity, and other concepts (Self 1996).

Although there is no universal agreement on what dimensions constitute credibility, the notion of credibility is widely accepted as believability (Tseng and Fogg 1999) with two key dimensions: trustworthiness and expertise (Hovland et al. How to sort out believable from unbelievable information is not a new problem, but the Web provides unprecedented conditions with its relative lack of centralized quality control mechanisms and source attributions, along with its complex interface features and speed of growth (Burbules 2001; Danielson 2005).

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