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Internet dating service for sailors

Looking up, he saw a lamb on a hill, went to where the lamb had stood and struck the ground with his pickaxe, releasing a gushing stream of clear water.This miracle resulted in the conversion of large numbers of the local pagans and his fellow prisoners to Christianity.His letter, which is one of the oldest extant Christian documents outside the New Testament, was read in church, along with other epistles, some of which later became part of the Christian canon.These works were the first to affirm the apostolic authority of the clergy.As punishment, Saint Clement was martyred by being tied to an anchor and thrown from a boat into the Black Sea.The legend recounts that every year a miraculous ebbing of the sea revealed a divinely built shrine containing his bones.However, the oldest sources on Clement's life, Eusebius and Jerome, note nothing of his martyrdom.The Inkerman Cave Monastery marks the supposed place of Clement's burial in the Crimea.

While 2 Clement has been traditionally ascribed to Clement, most scholars believe that 2 Clement was written in the 2nd century based on the doctrinal themes of the text and a near match between words in 2 Clement and in the Greek Gospel of the Egyptians.

The Liber Pontificalis, which documents the reigns of popes, states that Clement had known Saint Peter.

Clement is known for his epistle to the church in Corinth (c.

According to tradition, Clement was imprisoned under the Emperor Trajan; during this time he is recorded to have led a ministry among fellow prisoners.

Thereafter he was executed by being tied to an anchor and thrown into the sea.

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Clement is recognized as a saint in many Christian churches and is considered a patron saint of mariners.

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