Internet dating and cyber predator 6 year age gap dating

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By taking responsibility for your child's online computer use, you can greatly minimize your child's potential risk of exposure to online danger.

Parents and caregivers have a responsibility to help keep children safe online and to educate themselves about the technologies children use to communicate.

If your child becomes withdrawn or shows any of the signs that you can find a list of in guides like the one compiled by the FBI, you should be prepared to talk openly with them about your suspicions and make them aware of the dangers they are facing.

If you do find evidence of inappropriate contact between an adult and your child or have any concerns at all, you should not hesitate to try and discuss the situation with your son or daughter and if necessary, contact your local law enforcement agency for further assistance.

In this section, we will give a general overview of the kinds of things you and do to keep your children safe, and things they can do themselves.

The FBI has published a useful guide that is well worth visiting and as you would expect from the US Department of Justice, it takes the protection of our children from online dangers very seriously indeed.

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