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Ilovedating com

Some of us really don't want to deal with all that stuff again or even for the first time .Some of us may actually be looking to retire soon and be looking for a woman who has her life together enough to be able to do the same in the not too distant future.I've occasionally dated much younger women who've contacted me (as much as 25 years). I had men in their 50's approaching me when I was 14 (yes, gross... You'll get a better idea of what types of men aren't interested in you. I dated older men at your age, and I agree, speaking very broadly, they generally are easier at 30-something than at 20-something.I am a little wary until I understand their intentions and motives, but I have never turned someone away just because of age, without having additional reasons. It probably doesn't have to do with your age, but they're using that excuse because its a compliment for you. You have taken the time to share your ethnic preferences why would you not share your age preferences and why, if it is so important to you? So if you want to know what most older men think, then you better start meeting a lot more older men.Otherwise I would think it depends on how you treat older men, what your expectations of them are like you will only date older men that make over 100k a year? Do you see a 37 year old guy that works at Mc Donalds and lives with his parents and start hanging around asking him for an off season shamrock shake? Ladylatrice) I love dating older men 30 and yet when they see my age I get the "You're kind of young for me don't you think." or "You know how old I am right? I don't have "daddy issues", or am a gold digger I just believe older men are much less stress then younger ones.I never used that as a reason not to say hello to him. That right there is the issue that I am coming across I'm being categorized with all the other 20yr without ever taking the time to get to know me with out my age attached to it.

And honestly a preference is a preference, you don't need to justify or explain your preference to anyone.

There tends to be a point where 'generation gap' kicks in B).

I have kids and I prefer women who are closer to my age than theirs To each their own though.

Your preference has no grounds based on your profile and they probably think you are a gold digger looking for a Daddy/caretaker.

Also if you message them the chances the chances of them looking at your age mail setting are slim ,which might give them an indication based the age there. And I know most older men don't post on the forums.

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I would imagine most guys ask you those questions as a 26 year old gal can get just about any man she desires so, if anything, they’re insecure.

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