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The personality quiz you developed includes a section where you describe your doodles. Going by the personality types, I figured people who are expressive of dopamine would have doodles that are broad, open, energetic, moving, off the page.

The foremost word that the Director used was intellectual; their other top words were political, debate, geek, nerd.

All four types make mistakes that they could avoid if they knew more about the type that they are." Your Tango spoke with Fisher about fighting over mopping the floor, what doodles say about your love life, and the consequences of choosing the wrong type (hint: it's not so bad). came to me in the end of 2004 and asked me "Why do you fall in love with one person rather than another? Nobody knows." We do know that we tend to fall in love with people from the same socioeconomic background, same general level of intelligence, same general level of good looks.

Your childhood plays a role; timing plays a role; proximity plays a role.

They're direct, decisive, tough-minded and often understand music very well because music is very structural.

They're competitive, ambitious and very good at spatial relations. So, how do these personality types and their chemistry influence who we date or marry?

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I figured people who were expressive of estrogen would do hearts and flowers and baby faces and animal faces, and I thought people who were expressive of testosterone would do things that are quite mechanical and geometrical.