Has online dating worked for you dating a fob

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Has online dating worked for you

I'm not good at meeting people without a wingman, so I turned to the Internet. 90 messages per day, she could make a part time job of finding eligibility in that mess.

We never went out because she lived like an hour away.

I had to remind myself several times they weren't at fault for their choices.

To a man on the other hand, the shotgun method is all you have.

Now I believe I am reasonably attractive, or so I am told. Out of those 10, 4 might actually respond to my message.

Moreover, the online system has the overwhelming potential to become more of a car dealership than personal interaction.

It can be very damaging, in my own opinion and experience.

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Which means by the time a few of them message me back I've forgotten everything about them or I wasn't paying attention and whoops she lives three hours away. If I have plans with one girl and suddenly another wants to get together, I can't not do it. I've yet to get a response from anyone above 85%, even purely friendly inquiries based on mutual interests. I went on one date where the girl was misrepresenting ahead of time and my first thought wasn't "I'm not attracted to her" it was "she's already lying".