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Half life validating game resources

The other thing this statement ignores is that TCP currently has serious issues which I would call performance bugs, so it isn't even setting the bar particularly high.The complaint was confusing to me because it didn't call out where the error was.Lastly, as for re-inventing the wheel, there are actually plenty of vetted libraries that implement error checking, quality of service, etc for UDP while still retaining the configurability and real-time/games focus that TCP doesn't allow. That's not an accident--especially when the majority of college students / outsiders don't know anything about UDP and focus on TCP in their studies. When you're sending banking information you need to know it got there or didn't.When you're updating someone's head direction in a FPS game, you can tolerate huge amounts of inconsistency between players when the connection starts degrading.This method also allows for offline validation since the key to the hash is being shipped as part of the CD-key, and this was back in the days when a constant-connection to internet wasn't available or necessary for licensing.The downside, which was the bane of most producers, is that a reverse-engineer who acquires a copy of the software can use a debugger or disassembler to extract out the first 3 steps above to create a keygen.

[goes on to explain issues]When you implement your own error and ordering stack, you are in control of how and when to drop a packet or consider the packet too out-of-date.

I made my own simple multiplayer 2d game to understand this stuff and just want to let you know that your site was invaluable to understanding client side prediction and server side reconciliation! Once per year; before christmas, someone posts an old trigger for the classical UDP vs. Here is a solution I just submitted: https://org/id/draft-add-ackfreq-to-tcp-00TL; DR The trick is not to make UDP like TCP, but instead make TCP like UDP.

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Also, the reason many don't use TCP is that while it guarantees ordering and packet arrival people completely forget that it's doing that by adding an indeterminate amount of latency.

It's not some "packets arrive perfectly / user different pipes, because [magic]" solution.

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Once the keygen was out though basically anyone could generate their own valid keys. Does it simply involve a master key creating individual subkeys? Producing individual builds/images to burn onto CD's was unlikely as it would make the CD production process impractical -- a single build/image for burning CD's was likely used until they ran out of stock and/or wanted to ship updated versions of the software.