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The key is thus to let Eagles first fly in a particular area in order to stimulate later return to that general area to nest.The Douglas Lake Hack Tower is located approximately 25 miles northwest of the Pigeon Forge facility and approximately 2 miles south of Dandridge, Tennessee.The Eagles are released at approximately 13 – 14 weeks age, when they would typically first be capable of flight in the wild.

The AEF has even rescued Bald Eagle eggs from potentially dangerous nesting sites (such as a lighting tower in a professional baseball park), and brought them safely back to our incubators, caring for them diligently, and ultimately releasing them into the wild.

It sits high above a secluded and private cove where humans do not disturb.

Four hack compartments are constructed atop a 20-foot tower.

The size of each compartment is approximately 8 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet.

The AEF creates an environment inside the compartment that mimics the feel of their natural nest, with sticks around the edges and soft nesting materials inside.

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Vertical bars are also installed on a large front window that can be pulled up, via rope and pulley, when the Eagles of any cage are ready for release.