Free hot text chat no email tax consequences of liquidating 529

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Free hot text chat no email

The majority of its users, 28 percent, fall in the 18-to-22 age range; 18 percent are 15 to 17 years old; 18 percent are 12 to 14 years old; 10 percent are 11 or under; 10 percent are 23 to 28 years old; 6 percent are 29 to 34; 7 percent are 35 to 49; and 3 percent are 50 and over.Answering the call San Jose, Calif.-based Pinger was founded by Woock and Joe Sipher, both veterans of Handspring (which was eventually sold to Palm) and then Virgin Electronics.Other apps send texts from an e-mail or short code.

But when it comes to 10-year-old girls, I dare say, there are two ubiquitous desires: getting one's ears pierced and getting a cell phone.Pinger is now sending out about 630 million text messages per month; 70 percent of those are sent from i Pod Touches, and 30 percent are sent from i Phones. Textfree is one of a handful of mobile-texting apps that you can find in Apple's App Store, Gogii's among the higher-ranked ones.But only Textfree (for now, anyway) hands out an actual phone number, which can later be ported, as required by law.They incubated in 2005 with venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins and got funding initially for a service that treated a voice message like a text message--letting you send voice messages across any network.People liked the service, but there was never a good revenue path, they said.

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