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Free cuckold husband chat

First train yourself Think of cuckolding as an expertise.For the wife who decides to cuckold her husband, she must have complete mastery of certain skills.This is such a myth that it must be dispelled immediately. Your husband may even be as manly as men come, but don't worry, cuckolding is often a just a matter of helping your hubby discover his submissive side.Take heart in the fact that underneath all his machissimo and pride, there is a cock loving wimp that is begging you to force him to do all sorts of nasty things.You're about to go on an incredible journey; you want to be prepared, right?The world of cuckolding is unlike the normal world.At night go out with girlfriends that like to party.Make it a goal to flirt with at least one man a day. Not only will it be very satisfying to know that there are other men out there who are interested in you, but in the back of your mind you can use this knowledge as leverage against your husband. At this early stage there is no need to be specific.

The most common reason a women doesn't cuckold her husband is that she thinks he'll never go for it - that he's not the type.

Much like in any profession - she must go to school, read, and practice.

So like a professional, before you ever begin training your husband, you must first train yourself.

Introduction Turning your husband into a cuckold can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

A successfully cuckolded husband will be completely submissive.

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You must also train yourself to be sexually independent.

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