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CRDC is a great example of that.” The event’s speakers issued calls to organize for the coming year.

Johnson, Quinn, and others drew attention to Maloney’s campaign for re-election this fall.

You can hop on Long Island Railroad and in 30 minutes be in a swing district in Long Island.” The topic of presidential impeachment also surfaced throughout the program. Duane Award, served on the House Judiciary Committee that recommended impeachment against Richard Nixon, and called for action to remove Donald Trump from office. In attendance was Congressmember Jerrold Nadler, a current member of the House Judiciary Committee who would stand to become the committee’s chair if the Democrats were to take the House majority in upcoming elections.

Skyles-Mulligan explained how the club supports progressive policies locally, even in the absence of endorsement from the national platform.

“We have to keep pressure on local elected officials to keep looking at local solutions to what could be national problems,” he said.

The event’s programming captured both the CRDC’s legacy over the past 60 years and its impact moving forward.

According to club members and elected officials, transparency and autonomy are instrumental to the club’s longevity.

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“If you don’t have support in your hometown, nobody wants to give you support,” Quinn said.

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