Failure validating ssrs instance mssqlserver

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So before I jump into an example, let me first explain some of the key terms: Project Deployment Model As I said before, this is the new deployment model for SSIS projects.By default all SSIS projects you create are created using this model only (you can also migrate your existing projects to this model).When a project in this model is built, a deployment packet is created with an ispac extensions which includes all your packages and parameters in one packet.

The design of each individual package is very simple, it first truncates the destination table, moves data from the source (always the same for this example) to the destination (which varies depending on the environment reference chosen at execution time) and finally sends a confirmation email.These parameters allow you to set the properties of package components at package execution time and change the execution behavior.The basic difference between project parameters and package parameters is the scope.This catalog also stores multiple versions of the deployed SSIS projects and if required you can revert to any of the deployed versions.The catalog also stores details about the operations performed on the catalog like project deployment with versions, package execution, etc.... There is one default job provided for cleanup of operation data and can be controlled by setting catalog properties. Project Parameters and Package Parameters If you are using the project deployment model, you can create project parameters or package parameters.

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For example, if I am choose the TEST environment the data should move to test database or if I choose the PROD environment the data should move to the production database.

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