Eulove dating

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Eulove dating

”This political culture of our state organs made the Bulgarian people…prone to an agreement, to many things which are not to our benefit as a nation.It made us forget that “our sky is so deep, our stars are so huge, and our land is endless, but it can be contained in our hearts.”It was a good philosophy, wrong implementation. All the songs from childhood rush in: “high blue mountains, rivers and golden valleys, the sky like silk, this is my homeland…” The heart of the Bulgarian is hospitable, but after a series of wrong political choices – the Bulgarian does not have bread for guests.

I believe that is a temporary situation and the Bulgarian spirit will prevail because we are people blessed with a nation, culture, and land, but at present lacking sensible and reliable state organs.

Or that today at 58, the vast majority of my closest friends and colleagues are almost exclusively women I admire, respect and want to spend my time with. Just as we’ve never discussed how much I always loved watching Bonnie sing with her father, Broadway legend, John Raitt.

I know Bonnie wouldn’t take the credit for any of that. They sang duets at almost every Los Angeles area concert she played for years.

Probably the most concrete word to describe the original Bulgarian spirit is passionate.

People here do not greet you in the street, but they do befriend you and play backgammon with you, they prefer honesty to hypocritical, but advantageous behavior.

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Party – it’s the most real and the most imaginary of concepts.

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