Etiquette dating in japan

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Etiquette dating in japan

Limited immigration and centuries of nearly total isolation have resulted in a population that is over 97 percent Japanese in ethnicity.

Under the shogunate, shoguns were stronger than the emperor.Several additional cities have greater metropolitan areas exceeding I million, while the greater metropolitan areas of the largest 11 cities are among the most populous anywhere.In fact, Tokyo's greater metropolitan population (including Japan's second largest city, Yokohama) ties with Mexico City as the largest in the world with a population of roughly 29 million people, or nearly the population of Canada.Consequently, Japan's cities are home to some of the most crowded conditions in the world.Japan has 11 cities with populations of more than I million.

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In economic terms, the Meiji Restoration brought Japan into a period of swift industrialization, the introduction of previously unknown technology, and governmental encouragement of global trade.

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