Dll references not updating Midget cam chat

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Dll references not updating

To explain it further, I have an svc file on the server which points to a class with methods in it.I add a web efernce to this svc file on the clieint (I select "add reference-and enter the localhost address in the box for the url ( Service/Service/MY_SERVICE.svc).It displays it and when I click on Service/Service/MY_SERVICE.svc? That is fine but if I add or remove data members in one of those methods, it doesn't reflect the cahnges when I update the reference on the client.I can tell because if I look at the file that is automatically generated client-side, it shows the method but not the new data members.This normally happens when your project is using a DLL that is not part of the core set of DLLs that make up the VBA environment for Office.

When a workbook is opened, Excel reads the GUID for each reference, looks in the System Registry for the GUID to find the appropriate library that defines the objects and their methods and properties.If you do not have the CD or program for the library, contact the vendor for assistence.If that is unsuccessful, you can copy the DLL file from the machine on which the program works to the new machine and then register the DLL with Windows using the commands as described above.I'm using zotero 4.0.19 on my Mac with MS Word In about 10 of my references the web address is missing despite the entry being marked as a webpage. Gary Mc Kinnon extradition to US blocked by Theresa May. The entry within Zotero is correct but it won't seem to pick up the full details.No matter what I do I cannot get the web address to display within the reference e.g. Please can someone help me - I'm pretty desperate to get this sorted and I cannot work out what's going wrong.

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If the GUID isn't found on the target machine, or the file to which the GUID refers is not found, you'll get the in the References dialog, as shown above on the right.

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