Dating old photos man with earring

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Dating old photos man with earring

This hat did NOT come from the museum collection, though it might have! I have one of these that has a wide black velvet ribbon running right across the open crown. In 1946 his hat prices retailed for .50 - .50. Druce retired in 1954 and left the business to Leslie. if Leslie James designs were good enough for Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford..... If these trimmings aren't original to the hat, they are still as early as 1900's. And as you probably know (if you've ever watched a Jane Austen movie) hats and bonnets were re-trimmed all the time for those who weren't extraordinarily wealthy. always best to buy those with beautiful "bones" so any trim will just be secondary to the beauty of the hat itself! Clara La Doskey Gee Rymer, the wife of the founder of the Dixie Foundry in 1916 which became Magic Chef Inc. Certainly this is one of the better hats I've had from this "Gibson Girl" era. This one is a simple, basic shape stiff molded two-tone straw hat in hot pink and strong candy pink with that sweet "button flap" on the one side! It is denied it was sensible or reasonable or other than a breach of her own duty to take care to try to push or move the gondola to reach the earring.‘If she proves the earring fell under the gondola, then she should have used a stick or other method of reaching under the gondola to pull the earring out, or she should have left it there until help was provided.Its range includes both formal and semi-formal clothing and its clothes are sold in House of Fraser and Debenhams.The bonnet is all original, even the ribbon ties which look to be correct to the era. Loos had quite a few of these tiny mini hats, many from Bergdorf Goodman. Loos in the white floral tiny hat I got in this collection!! This one is an off-white straw (in the shape of a hat) with brown velvet band and partial brown veil. Excellent condition except the veil is nearly gone (certainly a new brown net can be used to replace) and the hat has a tendency to curl up a bit, but just needs a minor steaming. This was the look in 1967 (per the Clairol cosmetics ad from 1967 below). It was originally when new, which with inflation equals 5 today. Love the old telephone number with letters for the telephone exchange. But one pair has already SOLD, so the complete box is no longer available. I wear a size 6.5, and you can see the other size 36.5 size Chanel mule shoe on my wrinkly foot (I wonder if I can botox my feet! :) from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... While the demand for hats in general dropped dramatically in the 1960s, Bes-Ben hats have remained hugely popular and collectible. although this isn't one of the whimsical hats, it's still a numbered Bes-Ben, and lovely! I have read that brand new top quality Katsura (Geisha) wigs can sell for up to ,000.

Alvy Singer, a forty year old twice divorced, neurotic, intellectual Jewish New York stand-up comic, reflects on the demise of his latest relationship, to Annie Hall, an insecure, flighty, Midwestern WASP aspiring nightclub singer.

Rather, "Annie Hall" is a deconstruction of a romance.

At times it is funny and heartbreaking and always classic.

There are many other eras for these mannequin hairdos, so let me know what you might be interested in! LOVE the black velvet "cherries" or whatever they are. In 1946 his hat prices retailed for .50 - .50. Druce retired in 1954 and left the business to Leslie. if Leslie James designs were good enough for Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford..... Another simple, basic shape stiff molded two-tone straw hat in blush peach with splash of hot pink on the front with same button design, this one with a little hanging bead decoration! Something like a knit, but a material with a textured finish. If you look good in Autumn colors, this is the hat for you! Green-Field's creativity and sense of humor really began to surface in his designs. I can't guarantee that it's supposed to represent a tongue, but what else could it be???? Make a statement or just add to your hat collection! Labeled size "37" which equals a US size 7, however I wear a 6.5 and these are tight on me, so... Art Modern Style Silk Trim on Straw Wide-Brimmed Cloche / Hat! Would go great with just about any summer 20s outfit or suit. As with many true antique cloches, it's a small size... It will JUST tightly squeeze onto a normal sized 22" head.

Click on the photo at left to see more detailed photos for the hat, as well as a few of the mannequin head examples! I've lightened up some of the photos so you can see the details of the pretty crown. All feathered in various hues to wear (I believe) tilted as I show to sweep the eye for a bit of a tease. Excellent condition but you may need to dab a bit of milliner glue at the back as the feathers can come off of these. Heralded as "Chicago's Mad Hatter" by famously crafting whimsical and elegant hats for women including such celebrities as Lucille Ball, Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor. He began to incorporate unusual items into his hats: firecrackers, skyscrapers, animals, bugs, fruit, doll furniture, palm trees, cigarette packages Mr. No spikes so they won't work too well, but they will be perfect for drinks or lunch after. This is why I love Moschino and early Schiaparelli and Bes Ben and... The photo below is an ad of a hat from 1964, so I assume it was likely a similar era. Irene of New York hats were sold at the finest department stores including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bonwit Teller. Summer straw hat in that perfect wide and tall 1927 era look. Natural woven straw with turned up front brim which allows the hat to sit as low as a cloche should and still allow you to see. Just what you've been waiting for for your hat collection!

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As she did so she heard a clicking noise and felt her back give way.

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