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Dating jaal lead

Researching the jet pack will unlock a final action in Prodromos.Peebee spends her time on the Tempest by the Escape Pods at the rear of the craft, so call in regularly to hint at a relationship - one of the dialogue options is literally "Flirting" so you'll know you're on the right track!

Once that and Mission 4: Hunting The Archon are done, you'll receive an email directing you to Kadara - here you will have the option to kiss, and commit to Vetra.

Keep flirting with Reyes while you work through these missions, and eventually you'll end up on a night out together where you have to chance to make your relationship exclusive.

Male Ryder romances – Cora romance – Gil romance – Avela Kjar romance Female Ryder romances – Liam romance – Suvi romance Bisexual romances – Peebee romance – Vetra romance – Jaal romance – Reyes Vidal romance – Keri romance Dead end flirtations – Lexi “romance” – Paaran Shie “romance” Mass Effect Andromeda includes multiple opportunities to press your space face lovingly against that of another, in the finest traditions of Bio Ware RPGs.

Help with her secret project by finding tech on Voeld, then finish Mission 3: A Trail Of Hope and meet up with her on Aya.

Speak again on the Tempest to make a choice about your relationship, then complete her Loyalty Mission which leads to the option to commit.

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After Mission 5: Journey To Meridian, reunite on the Tempest to conclude the relationship.

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