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It seemed like to me there was some underlying racism towards Asian males in Canada which was much worse than that found in the USA. I'm not like a FOB who sticks to his culture and hangs out only with people of his ethnicity.

Is Canada generally a country where it is very difficult to Asian males to assimilate into Canadian society? I'm an Indian male and had no luck with white Canadian women in the Prairies. I wasn't racist either, but now I am (a side topic).

When we were in Toronto we noticed a troubling trend and one that many other people learned to find out, we were getting an excessive amount of Asian men seeking dating coaches and even a higher number that expressed their feelings about being rejected for their race.

I would come to find out over the years that Asian men actually face some negative stereotypes in Western Society but I found that in places like the West Coast of the USA and NYC, there were plenty of Asian men dating White women.

It unfortunately made me very distrustful and cynical of white women, because so many of them deny that they're racist and yet have no problem telling me insulting, racist stuff like "why don't you date a nice Indian girl"?

I did end up marrying a white woman, but she isn't from North America.

I am a White male so I have no dog in this fight but over the years I have been around a lot of Asian men, particularly Chinese, Korean, and Indian.

Many Asian men have unhelpful expectations of meeting either “mother figures” or “beauties,” Lee said.

They run up against Asian and other women looking for “someone to take care of them.” Things often don’t click.

Maybe I would've had better luck on the West Coast, who knows, but I haven't lived there.

But the fact remains that white Canadian women always sneered at me and never gave me the time of day.

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