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Dating chanel no 5 bottles

On the other hand, there’s the excitement of having found a rare vintage perfume that will send shivers down my spine when I smell it, and the thrill of winning it cheaply.It’s a win-win situation for people to send me their bottles of vintage perfume while I send them money in return – they get rid of what they don’t want, and I get what I really, really want! Some people think it strange that I would like vintage perfumes – my motto is “Old is Gold” – because I am still quite a few years shy of 30.Random soliloquy aside, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how old my bottle of N°5 is?Aside from the picture above, I can also tell you that I don’t have the box, the bottom of the bottle has the words ‘CHANEL’ printed four times, one on each edge, and that it is a splash bottle. In any case, my nose tells me that it’s certainly old, at the very least. Room temperature, according to some, is even a bit warm.

In this case, thankfully, the sharp notes leave after around 15 minutes leaving a soft, gentle animalic floral.

By channelling her grief into creativity, this ‘perfume of eternity’ was her personal gift to herself. When Ernest Beaux produced perfume samples for Coco Chanel to try in 1921, she chose the fifth proposal that he presented, which is the same Chanel No.

5 to avoid any attempts at defining it figuratively and descriptively, and to prevent it from dating thus keeping its modernity intact. The number 5 was also the fashion house founder’s lucky charm.

Perfumer Ernest Beaux, who was given the task of creating Chanel No. 5 went against the fragrance trends of the time, such as flowery scents including rose, jasmine and lilac, with no dominant notes distinguishable from the 80 ingredients that compose it.

5, believes the scent was born out of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s ‘reminiscence’ of her lost love for Arthur Capel, the English polo player and lover of the fashion house founder, who tragically died in a car accident in 1919.

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5 can be seen as the olfactory double of artistic movements such as Cubism, Dadaism and Surrealism, in how it aspired to attain absolute modernity, and this is explored in the Paris exhibition. The number 5 was also symbolic at the time of its creation, linking to several other pieces of art including composer’s Igor Stravinsky music, The Five Fingers. Unusually, the perfume wasn’t advertised in France until the 1940s. Several of Chanel’s close artist friends, including Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, painted pictures of the iconic No. 5 is the same as the original packaging used in 1921. She would then turn this into a monogram by doubling it and the luxury label’s famous logo was born. The interlocking ‘C’ logo also closely resembles the curved patterns featured in the stained glass windows of the church of Aubazine, where she spent her childhood in an orphanage. The logo has also been compared to the royal monogram of French Queen, Catherine de’ Medici, who many believed Chanel admired. Coco Chanel’s debut marketing strategy for the scent involved inviting a group of elite friends to dine with her at a restaurant on the French Riviera, where she surprised them by spraying them with the perfume.