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Dating aviemore

They later settled around Lough Erne, becoming known as the Fir Manach, and giving their name to Fermanagh and Monaghan.Mongán mac Fiachnai, a 7th-century King of Ulster, is the protagonist of several legends linking him with Manannan mac Lir.The territory of Monaghan had earlier been wrested from the control of the Mac Mahon sept in 1591, when the leader of the Mac Mahons was hanged by authority of the Dublin government; this was one of the events that led to the Nine Years War and the Tudor conquest of Ireland.On the Hill of Lech, the Hill of the Stone was the inauguration stone of the Mac Mahons.Dating from the seventeenth century, the oldest remaining architectural feature in Monaghan town is the "Old Cross" – located in Old Cross Square.It is not fully agreed that it is in fact a cross, but may in fact have been a seventeenth-century sundial.The sandstone and metal column containing seven light wells bearing the names of each of the seven victims of the bombing was designed by Ciaran O'Cearnaigh and stands as a reminder of one of the darkest days in Ireland's modern history. Founded in 1974, Monaghan County Museum is recognised as one of the leading provincial museums in Ireland, with a prestigious Council of Europe Award conferred in 1980, among others, to its credit.The museum is located in a mid-Victorian stone building of three stories, formerly two separate town houses, on Hill Street.

The bomb killed Paddy Askin, Thomas Campbell, Thomas Croarkin, Archie Harper, Jack Travers, Peggy White and George Williamson.The largest party on the municipal council is Sinn Féin, a left-wing Republican party, which holds two of six seats.Fine Gael, a conservative party holds one, the liberal conservative Fianna Fáil hold one seat and there are two independent members.It overlooks Ballagh Lough to the west, which was once known as Lough Leck.Situated 5 kilometres (3 miles) south-west of Monaghan, the petrosomatoglyph was last used in 1595, but was destroyed by a farm owner in 1809. The Westenra family remained as the principal landlords of Monaghan Town up into the early twentieth-century.

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