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Children divorce and dating

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that you wait at least six months following your separation before dating. “Take some time to think through the needs of your children,” suggests Tuchman. Your children’s ages will determine how you should communicate with them.

“When talking with young children, describe the person you are seeing as a friend,” suggests Jean Mc Bride, a licensed marriage and family therapist in northern Colorado. For example, you might tell them that you are going to a movie with a person of the opposite sex. They may also feel threatened and worry that you will have less time for them.

This ex-couple has co-parenting down to a science, but it didn't come easily.

Still, this mom wants other former couples to know, it can happen if they "stop making excuses" and "come together" for their kids.

The death of his infant child seemed to have taken its toll on his marriage as he separated from his wife shortly afterwards. Maria Shriver had divorced Arnold in 2011 after he confessed to fathering a love child with their maid. Arnold was heavily criticized for cheating on his wife.

However, the story took a new twist after it was revealed that Maria and Matthew had an affair when Arnold hired Matthew to work as his chief strategist back in 2004, which was before Arnold cheated on her. During their relationship, Matthew and Maria were spotted in public looking all loved up.

Mc Bride encourages being open with children over the age of 11 and telling them that you are going on a date. Ask your children how they feel, and give them the opportunity to ask questions. “Oftentimes, children will adapt to new situations more easily if they feel comfortable and reassured,” notes the Parenting Assistance Line at the University of Alabama.

Taking steps to reduce problematic responses, resistance and stress will help to minimize the effect on your children. You know your children and are best equipped to know how to handle the situation.Reassure your children that they come first and their daily routine will remain consistent.If possible, plan your dates when your children are with their other parent.If you've decided that it's time to part ways with your spouse, there are many things to consider: Your kids, your finances, the division of material possessions, and more.We've tapped the pros for helpful advice to cope with separation or divorce.

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Matthew Dowd is an American political consultant who works for ABC News as a political analyst.