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Butterflies and love and dating

So you want a godly relationship, but you don’t want God?

Their chemistry was great, but their communication was not. “I just know that for three years, I had butterflies with Jay. You never knew when you would see or hear from him again and that is why your heart always jumped when he came around. And when you come in contact with the object of your affection, the rush is nothing short of intoxicating. My husband gave me the such bad butterflies I could hardly eat around him.

It's a combo of a rapid heartbeat, faster breathing, and nausea - the "sensation of butterflies." So why does it feel good?

"A fight or flight reflex is triggered, caused by stress, like the anticipation of talking to someone you’re attracted to," Dr. "Adrenaline, dopamine, are both in the mix when you are attracted to someone." And the butterfly feeling?

We have to understand that marriage is a ministry as well and God has to prepare us for it.

I honestly believe our motives are what causes us to have our blessings delayed (read more about that here).

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