Beijing free camchat

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Beijing free camchat

Beijing is usually seen as playing second fiddle to Shanghai when it comes to gay friendliness and fun.

Before that happens, try to get there before 9pm and order enough to last you (and him) for the whole evening.

The number of internet users across the whole country is around 300 million, mostly young, male and living in urban centres. Despite a recent crackdown on 'vulgar' web content, the amount of information on gay and lesbian entertainment, culture, events, meeting places and businesses is mind-boggling for what is officially a socialist state.

You can find advertisements for dating sites, saunas, massage, sexy underwear, penis enlargement and much much more. However, for every tale of blissful encounters with beautiful Beijing men (or women), there is one of false pretenses and potential danger, so please don't let your libido get the better of you!

So, as with so many things in China, you need patience for this society of over 1.3 billion people to change.

Here are some of the prime spots of the mainstream Beijing gay scene.

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