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18, Arizona’s Department of Corrections records show.

The couple have a daughter and son, Karen and Gerard.

The turncoat consigliere took the stand and spilled the Five Families’ secrets for five days during Gotti’s trial — and then testified in nine more, putting 39 wiseguys and associates in prison.

At the time, he was the highest-ranking member of La Cosa Nostra to turn fed.

As a reporter with a penchant for exposing public corruption and fraud, Bolles had made a lot of enemies.

With those words, Bolles seemed to be trying to provide clues as to who would want him dead. They would methodically pursue that clue until it led them to a group of men they would arrest and convict of the June 2, 1976, bombing.

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Gravano then entered the government's Witness Protection Program, but left the program in 1997 to promote his autobiography, .

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