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Atheist dating phoenix

Ann's mantra was simple and inspiring— "Well, they told me I would either get God or get drunk, and after more than forty years I'm still waiting to find out which will happen." Continue reading on AA Beyond Belief WAAFT stands for We Agnostics, Atheists, and Freethinkers.

provides an online presence to support the Arizona secular AA community, and to make AA in Arizona more inclusive.

Bill was about six months sober then but knew that he was on slippery ground.

He had the crazy idea that he needed another drunk to talk to to stay sober much longer.

Food, movies and/or videos, conversations about Darwin, Evolution, Science, Religion and more.

covers lunch; advanced reservations requested so that sufficient food can be ordered in advance, Email reservations to [email protected]

Since 1963, American Atheists has protected the absolute separation of religion from government, raised the profile of atheists and atheism in our nation’s public and political discourse, and educated Americans about atheism. Millions of people who no longer believe stay in their churches because of the community and support the churches provide.

Our local affiliates stand ready to help and are vibrant communities full of people just like you who have left behind religion.

The only change ever made to that sentence has been the deletion of the word honest.Alcoholics Anonymous claims as its origin (officially) the date of Doctor Bob's last drink (June 10, 1935), but the seminal incident was the meeting May 12 between Bill and Bob at the Seiberling gate house in Akron.Prior to their meeting, neither Bill nor Bob had been able to remain sober for long.New members were excited to be a helpful part of the planning or the program panels.None of the veterans had gotten drunk in the intervening two years since the first conference, but one beloved instigator was lost with the passing of Ann M., a co-founder in 2014 of Phoenix's very first secular AA meeting.

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Among the committee members, sobriety ranged from days to decades—enthusiasm was not lacking when it came to hosting this get-together.

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