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After class, Katy quizzed Lizzie on her maiden name, where she’d been adopted and whether she lived in New Jersey.Since their first meeting, both women have been introduced to each other’s adoptive families and celebrate holidays together.I needed that comfort, I guess.” But not everyone finds the process of discovery a sibling to be quite so seamless.

He suffers severe delusions and has been hospitalized numerous times in the past year.

And Anaïs says she feels like she was looking for her twin all her life.

“I did feel like I missed something,” she told Good Morning America. It happens to a lot of kids, but I had an imaginary friend and she was called Anne ...

Both moved to New York and decided to study writing in their thirties, and both were accepted at the School of General Studies, Columbia University.

In January 2013, the pair sat across from each other in the same writing class and, when Lizzie introduced herself to the group, Katy immediately realised that her life story matched details of her own adoption.

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