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13 year age gap dating

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Eddie Regan Murphy was born on April 3, 1961, in Brooklyn, New York.

Murphy received criticism for his satirical characterizations based on black stereotypes.

He defended his performances, claiming that his characters were far too absurd and abstract to be taken seriously. He approached the role with confidence and ingenuity, convincing director Walter Hill to adjust some of the dialogue to more genuinely depict a black speaker.

His improvised performance was called "masterful" by character, Buckwheat; and an illiterate convict and poet named Tyrone Green.

He also continued his skillful impersonations, adding Bill Cosby, Muhammad Ali, James Brown, Jerry Lewis, and Stevie Wonder to his repertoire.

His parents divorced when he was three; five years later, his father died and his mother went into the hospital for an extended period.

The private ceremony was not legally binding, and Murphy and Edmonds planned to repeat their vows on American soil.

However, the couple released a statement that they had jointly decided against a legal ceremony.

Although he was never a dedicated student, Murphy found a great forum for his verbal agility in grade school, excelling in the popular game of "ranking"—trading witty insults with classmates.

Hosting a talent show at the Roosevelt Youth Center at age 15, Murphy delighted his young audience with an impersonation of Al Green.

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